Build Your Own Balloon
Vols I-III + Appendices

Copyright 1983-87 Eagle Balloons.

Compiled by a member of ABAC, a licensed balloon and airship pilot, rigger and constructor, these books assemble in one three-volume set the information essential to any amateur considering the construction of a hot-air balloon. They include detailed lists of materials, parts and suppliers. The Appendices contain a brief discussion of gas balloons and other miscellaneous topics.

Recently, the books have been completely re-typeset to make them more accessible and “cleaner.” The newly typeset volumes are printed and distributed by Amazon’s CreateSpace company, which adds more professional order handling to the advantages the reader gains.


Volume I - Design Criteria contains engineering and safety data. Covers detailed design guidance for all the components of a modern hot-air balloon, including the gondola, the envelope (including computations of the exact ideal shape), the burner (a source of intense frustration for amateur builders), the instruments and equipment. The Appendix of this volume covers applications of hot air balloons, performance theory, design data, tailoring, burner design and relevant FAA regulations and advisory circulars. Includes international standards, a review of the state of the art and many time-saving ideas and techniques. (180 pages): $30.00


Volume II – Materials, Equipment & Suppliers includes guidance for finding and ordering the materials and equipment that you need to complete your project. Contains a comprehensive list of components, specifications and prices [note: prices will be out-of-date], plus information on how and where to order. (210 pages): $30.00

Volume III - Plans & Construction contains detailed production drawings, assembly instructions and pictures of most components. (175 pages): $30.00

Appendix I
- Notes on ultralight hot-air balloon construction (one-man balloons).
Appendix II - Notes on spherical gas balloon construction.
[Appendices are bound together in one volume, 64 pages]: $20.00