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Please bookmark this page, as we are adding to it steadily. Also please note that we are looking for reviews of the various books listed, by people knowledgeable of LTA; reviewers will be credited, with full contact information, links and a brief "sig."  If you know of any book or other document-in any language-that should be listed here but isn't, please let us know.
If you have a lighter-than-air document that is not in our Library List, consider donating a copy to A.B.A.C. We offer a two-for-one exchange: for every document we accept, we credit the donor with twice the number of photocopy sheets (or image frames) from our library. Example: you donate a 100-page airship technical manual; you can then obtain documents from our collection totalling 200 photocopies and pay only the postage, if any.
Please also notify us of any bad links, missing images and other defects in ABAC's Web pages.
Contact: Marc de Piolenc.

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