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LTA Research Resources

compiled by F. Marc de Piolenc

Libraries & Special Collections
Name/Collection Address/Telephone Description
Embry-Riddle University Library Daytona Beach, FL 32014
(904) 239-6931
Northrop University Library Pacific Aeronautical Collection 5800 W. Arbor Vitae St.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(213) 641-3470
Documentation on West Coast aeronautical activity, including LTA. Photographs.
National Air and Space Museum Library Smithsonian Institution-A157203
Washington, DC 20560
In addition to its collection of books and documents, NASM also has an extensive graphic archive, much of it digitized.
University of Akron
Arnstein Collection
The University of Akron
University Libraries
Polsky Building
225 South Main Street, Room LL10
Akron, OH 44325-1702
Tel: (330) 972-7670
Fax: (330) 972-6170
Papers of the late Dr. Karl Arnstein of Goodyear-Zeppelin Corp. Papers have been listed; the lists and some photographs are available on the University's Web site. See Internet Resources for on-line access and use information.
University of Texas
Charles E. Rosendahl Collection
Douglas H. Robinson Collection
The University of Texas at Dallas
Special Collections Department
P.O. Box 830643
Richardson, Texas 75083-0643
phone 972-883-2570
Dr. Erik D. Carlson, Department Head for Special Collections (
Papers of the late VAdm Charles Rosendahl and the late author Douglas M. Robinson were donated to UT.
Zeppelin Archive
(Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH)
c/o Zeppelin Museum
Seestraße 22
D-88045 Friedrichsafen
Contact: Barbara Weibel (
phone: 0049 7541 3801 70
fax: 0049 7541 3786 249
Housed in the same building as the Zeppelin museum, this is a Zeppelin/LTA archive with about 500 linear meters of papers, 7,000 plan sheets and about 17,000 photographs. Another large collection, of books, is housed with the Zeppelin Company archives. Hours are Tuesday to Thursday 9-12 am and 1-5 pm, but an appointment is required.
Name Address Description
Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen Seestraße 22
88045 Friedrichshafen
Tel: +49 / 7541 / 3801-0
Fax: +49 / 7541 / 3801-81
The Zeppelin museum. Open May-October Tuesday-Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm; November-April Tuesday-Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm 
Aeronauticum, Nordholz
Deutsches Luftschiff- und Marinefliegermuseum
Peter-Strasser-Platz 3, 27637 Nordholz
Postfach 68, 27633 Nordholz
Telephone: 04741-941074
Telefax 04741-941090
Located at the site of a former military airship base; collaborator of the Heinz Urban museum at Meersburg mentioned elsewhere in these pages. Has custody of the archives of the now-defunct Marine Luftschiffer Kameradschaft.

1 March-30 June and 1 Sept-31 October: M-Sat: 1300-1700 
Sun and holidays: 1000-1800
1 July-31 Aug: daily 1000-1800
26 Dec-10 Jan: daily 1100-1700
Other times: open for groups by appointment
New England Air Museum Bradley International Airport
Hartford, Connecticut
...a true gem and a little treasure of LTA stuff. They have displays and materials on the Hindenburg, various balloons, a CM-5 engine nacelle (French WWI airship used by US), a large model of the R-100, a Packard engine designed for the Shenandoah, and the K-28 control car undergoing restoration. [Airship-List]
Point Sur Lighthouse Big Sur, California
Lighthouse has a nice display of Macon material, model, diagrams of where it lies, a short video and overall is worth the trip.
Maritime Museum of Monterey
Stanton Center
Monterey, California
..has a good little area on the Macon, including some recovered artifacts, models, and multiple videos which include interviews with Gordon Wiley, son of CDR Wiley. Well worth a visit if you are in the area. [Airship-List]
Moffett Field Moffett Field
(near Sunnyvale, California)
The hangar looks great. You can sometimes gain entrance through the small museum. This museum is a real treasure. Carol Henderson and her docents have assembled the most impressive museum I have ever seen. It truly rivals any professionally run museum such as Smithsonian ones. [Airship-List]
Deutsches Museum Museuminsel 1
D-80538 München
Tel: (089) 2 17 91
Fax: (089) 2 17 93 24
Answering machine: (089) 2 17 94 33
Covers all fields of technology, but reported by Siegfried Geist to have "a worthwhile section devoted to LTA." Open daily (except holidays) from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Stadt Gersthofen Ballonmuseum Bahnhofstraße 10
86368 Gersthofen
Tel: (0821)2491 135 or 101
Five floors of ballooning history, technology and artifacts. Videos of current aerostatics activity, and a special exhibit on balloons as a decorative theme. Open Weds 2-6 pm; San, Sun and holidays 10 am to 6 pm.
Meersburg am Bodensee
Schloßplatz 8
D-88709 Meersburg am Bodensee
Tel: 07532 7909
After hours: 07532 41042
Small private museum run by Heinz Urban, specializing in technical Zeppelin artifacts. Collection includes a spark transmitter from a naval Zeppelin, the complete bomb-release panel of LZ6 and many other technical items. Open March through mid-November daily, 10 am to 6 pm. Guided tours by appointment.
Albert-Sammt-Zeppelin-Museum Hauptstraße
D-97996 Niederstetten
Small museum honoring a commercial Zeppelin officer of local birth who rose from helmsman in 1924 to command of LZ130. Multimedia presentation on Zeps.
Zeppelinheim (near Frankfurt/Main)
Zeppelin-Museum Zeppelinheim                Kapitän-Lehmann-Straße 2
63263 Zeppelinheim
A small Zeppelin museum housed in a municipal building in a Frankfurt suburb, near the airport. When I was there in '80, the Curator was an old Zeppelin-Reederei Maschinist.
Tønder Zeppelin Museum Manfred Petersen
Museerne iTønder 
Kongevej 55, 
DK-6270 Tønder
Tel:. (0045) 74 72 26 57 * (0045) 40 59 62 41 
This is the old "Tondern" Zeppelin base.
Central Museum of Aviation & Cosmonautics Krasnoarmeyskaya 14
NAS Richmond Museum
c/o Ford U. Ross
11020 SW 15th Manor 
Davie, FL 33324
Display commemorating Navy blimp ASW activity in World War II
Soukup & Thomas Balloon Museum 700 N. Main St.
Mitchell, SD 57301
Tel: (605) 996-2311
Fax: (605) 996-2218
Museum Director, Becky Pope :
Museum of Flight East Fortune Airfield
North Berwick
East Lothian. EH39 5LF
Tel: 062 088308 or
0131 225 7534
Models of the R100 and R34, plus the Lion Rampant Standard which adorned the front of the R34.  There is also a plaque commemorating R34's [transatlantic] flight  to be seen [East Lothian was the point of departure]. Several other LTA items are featured, including film excerpts, handouts and bits of Zeppelin frame. [Ian Paterson]
Name Address Description
Association of Balloon & Airship Constructors (ABAC) P.O. Box 3841
City of Industry, California 91744
Publishes quarterly Aerostation (now part of LTAI's Airshipworld journal)
Airship Heritage Trust c/o Shuttleworth College
Old Warden Park
Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG 18 9EA
Tel: +44 (0)1767 627195
Charitable organisation with a large collection of airship artefacts and photographs relating to the
British Airship Programme from its early days at
the turn of the century to the Skyships of the
The Airship Association [UK] The Secretary
The Airship Association
6 Kings Road, 
Cheriton Folkestone, Kent CT20 3LG England.
Premier UK-based LTA association. Publishes the quarterly magazine Airship.
Balloon Federation of America Box 400
Indianola, IA 50125
Tel: (515) 961-8809
Fax: (515) 961-3537
Publishes bimonthly Balloon Life
The Bombard Society 6727 Currant Street
McLean, VA 22101
Association of upmarket hot-air ballon operators.
Experimental Balloon and Airship Association Brian Boland
PO Box 51
Post Mills Airport
Post Mills, VT 05058
Free membership for anyone interested in experimental balloons or airships
Fédération Française de l'Aérostation 3 bis, square Antoine Arnauld
75016 Paris
LTA Society Box 6191
2000 Republic of South Africa
Japan Bouyant Flight Association
Kyoritsu Kenkyru
402 Hitotsumatsu Bldg 1
2-3-14 Shiba Daimon, Minato-ku
The Lighter-Than-Air Institute P.O. Box 74-420
Market Road P.O.
New Zealand
Publishes quarterly Gasbag (now incorporating Aerostation)
The Lighter Than Air Society 1436 Triplett Blvd
Akron, OH 44306
Tel: (847) 384-0215 (Robert Hunter)
fax: (330) 668-1105 (Attn: E. Brothers)
Publishes Buoyant Flight
National Balloon Racing Association Rt 11, Box 97
Statesville, NC 28677
(740) 876-1237
Naval Airship Association 901 Pillow Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
(757) 481-1563
Publishes newsletter The Noon Balloon
Scandinavian LTA Society Drevkarlsstigen 2-4
S-191 53 Sweden
Zeppelin Kameradschaft Kapitän-Lehmann Str. 2
Zeppelinheim 6078
Internet Resources
World Wide Web (WWW) Sites
Name Description
Association of Balloon and Airship Constructors Direct access to the 1600+ item Library List of LTA technical documents available as reprints. LL can also be downloaded in ASCII or PDF format. Links to other LTA organizations.
AIRSHIP - The Home Page for Lighter-Than-Air Craft  Hosted at the University of Colorado's Web server by John Dziadecki, this is truly the central reference for LTA on the Web.
The Airship Association (UK) Announces AA meetings and other LTA activities, esp. in Britain, plus membership and subscription information. It has many links to other LTA resources, and an email link to Mike Rentell.
Airship & Blimp Resources Maintained by a young Swiss studying in the USA, it has many links to other LTA resources, including photo archives.
Balloon Technology Database NASA-funded database of balloon technology, with 2300 documents indexed as of 1997. Check the "Balloon Technology" box before beginning your search.
Promotions Dirigeables Web site of Paris-based LTA organization. Pages are bilingual (English/French).
Lighter-Than-Air Technical Committee,
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Announces LTA TC activities. Note that permission may be required for attendance by other than TC members; email first.
Lighter-Than-Air Society [USA] LTA organization with a primary emphasis on LTA history. Web page has membership information, announcements and an email link.
Naval Airship Association Organization of former US Navy airshipmen dedicated to preserving the memory of USN airship anti-submarine activity in WW II. Helps maintain the LTA exhibits at the Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, Florida. Page has announcements and membership information.
University of Akron Archival Services Information on how to use the University's archival services. U. of Akron is the custodian of the Karl Arnstein Papers.
Email Lists
World-wide discussion group about airships sponsored by the [UK] Airship Association. To subscribe, send email to the address at left with the words subscribe airship-list in the message body.
The emphasis in this list is on airships. To subscribe, send an email message with the word
in the subject line
Balloon Mailing List
Hosts discussion of balloons, both gas and hot-air. To subscribe, send a message to the address at left with
subscribe balloon [your email address]
in the body of the message.
AirshipList To subscribe, send a blank message to
Indexes and Bibliographies
Source/Order Number Title & Description
Kent O'Grady
36 Martinglen Way NE
Calgary, Alberta T3J 3H9
Index of Buoyant Flight Bulletin - Lighter Than Air Society
260 pp. Cost:
$23.00 US for orders from the USA
$28.00 CDN for orders within Canada
$30.00 CDN for orders from any other country-surface
$45.00 CDN for orders from any other country-airmail
Index of Dirigible - Airship Heritage Trust
23 pp. Cost:
$4.50 US for orders from the USA
$6.00 CDN for orders within Canada
$8.00 CDN for orders from any other country-surface
$14.00 CDN for orders from any other country-airmail
ABAC - Acq. #126 Index of Daniel Guggenheim Airship Institute Report file. This is a different body of work from the papers that appeared in the DGAI's three Publications. Now if we only knew where to get our hands on the reports themselves...
ABAC - Acq. #301 LTA Society Preliminary Inventory [this is a list of what LTAS donated to U. of Akron, which appears to have retained the Arnstein papers and donated the books to a county library]
ABAC - Acq. #439 Index of LTA Articles in Military Review
ABAC - Acq. #463 David Taylor Model Basin tests of airship models
ABAC - Acq. #713 BuAer Technical Notes, 1916-1924. Another obscure report series.
ABAC - Acq. #802 Index of Aerostation through Volume 7 Number 3 [current volume is 22]. Kent O'Grady (see above) is preparing an up-to-date index.
ABAC - Acq. #946 Index of Airship #s 51-65 (Mar 81-Sep 84)
ABAC - Acq. #1409 Index of US Army Air Corps LTA Information Circulars
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